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Blackmagic Design Announces H.264 Pro Recorder (27/4/2010)

Blackmagic Design today announced H.264 Pro Recorder, a new real time H.264 encoder that connects to computers via USB and allows real time capture of SD or HD video directly to H.264 files from SDI, HDMI and component analog video with balanced audio for only $349.

With so many new ways for consumers to watch video content, such as iPhones, web, iPad and more, there is a need for a simple, low cost way to move content from the video world to the computer world in H.264 format. H.264 Pro Recorder has been designed to fill this need, and is a compact size that’s easily portable, and powers from the USB connection, so is the perfect solution for mobile applications using a notebook computer because it powers from the notebook battery.

H.264 Pro Recorder has all types of video connections, including SDI, HDMI, analog component and balanced analog audio using industry standard jack connectors. It works on Windows and Mac systems, and includes Media Express for easy frame accurate capture using the built in RS422 deck control connection. H.264 Pro Recorder supports capture in both HD and SD video formats, while SDI, HDMI and analog component connections can all be switched between formats.

“Now its easy to capture incredible broadcast quality video into H.264 files, and because it’s a complete solution for capture, it’s both affordable and simple to use!”, said Grant Petty, CEO, Blackmagic Design. “There are so many wonderful programs and other content that’s now easy to move into the computer world where it’s easier to distribute. H.264 Pro Recorder is going to help make all this content available to everyone!”

H.264 Pro Recorder Key Features

* SDI input, supports SD and HD formats.
* HDMI input, supports SD and HD formats.
* Analog video switches between component s-video and composite. Component supports SD and HD.
* RS422 deck control connection for control of decks.
* USB 2.0 for connection to computer for capture. 
* Powers via USB 2.0 connection.
* Supports capture in full resolution SD and HD.
* Includes Media Express software for capture with deck control.
* Files are compatible with web, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV and more.
* Due to legal reasons, copy protected HDMI sources cannot be captured via HDMI video input.
* Works with Windows and Mac operating systems.

Availability and Price

H.264 Pro Recorder will be available in July for US$349 from Blackmagic Design resellers worldwide.

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