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EVS Introduces 'Play While Editing' on IPEdit (29/4/2010)

EVS Broadcast Equipment, the leader in Instant Tapeless Technology will be presenting IPEdit new “Play While Editing” mode dedicated to quick turnaround and on-air program fixing applications.

The new “Play While Editing” mode of IPEdit allows content recorded on an EVS production server (XT[2] or XS) to be edited while playing out to air, as the recording is still in progress. The outputs can be delayed from seconds to hours (for playout to multiple time zones) and content can be replaced or edited. The module handles the growing clips and can insert locators for further referencing in post-production programs such as Apple’s Final Cut Pro or Avid Media Composer.

The “Play While Editing” mode offers two main workflows:

* The “Speed to Air” where a highlight is played out while it is still under editing progress. * The “Time zone Editing” where content is edited multiple times for different playouts. In this case, it is possible to replace, correct, insert material before each playout related to each time zone.

IPEdit is an on-the-fly editing solution offering real-time performance based on the XT/XS servers’ field-proven reliability. IPEdit is part of the IPDirector suite, the integrated content management system from EVS. The IPEdit features complete timeline editing performance with no rendering process required for playout.  All the recorded and transferred content on the XT/XS series servers are at the fingertips of the IPEdit operator.

Pierre Mestrez, IPDirector Product Manager said: “Being the first to broadcast highlights and quick turnaround has always been a key point for our customers. The new EVS “play while editing“ feature in combination with the direct multicamera access will definitely push the live productions one step further.”

IPEdit was introduced for the production of highlights by NBC at the 2008 Summer Olympic Games in Beijing and this year in Vancouver for the production of highlights packages namely used for NBC Highlights Factory. NBC Universal’s program family, Access Hollywood, picked EVS solutions including IPEdit systems for their tapeless production transition. IPEdit is giving the operators the same workflow as their linear edit controller while opening up all of the possibilities of the tapeless world.

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