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TMD introduces i-mediaflex Pro Client with support for rough cut proxy editing on standard web browser desktops (21/5/2010)

TransMedia Dynamics (TMD) a world leader in the development and delivery of solutions and services to the global media, broadcast and archive industries, announced the introduction of the "i-mediaflex Pro Client."

The new extension of TMD's enterprise-wide "Mediaflex" architecture now enables users to carry out a rough cut proxy edit on a standard web browser desktop and then submit the EDL to the craft editing system such as Final Cut Pro or Avid.

i-Mediaflex Pro Client will enhance workflows to support approvals for content such as promos. Enabling the creation and updating to be carried out within a production facility or external environment, i-Mediaflex Pro Client provides a simple and intuitive user interface for cataloguing with the use of Tag Clouds, enhancing the ability for users to efficiently and effectively search for and retrieve content on their web browser desktops.

TMD Chairman and CEO Tony Taylor said, "This is a significant step-change in the expanding capabilities of our core Mediaflex applications platform. Users will benefit enormously from the ease of cataloguing and retrieving content direct from any PC and Mac based web browser."

TMD's Mediaflex is a core application for delivering orchestrated and streamlined workflows, empowering organisations to manage both their physical media and digital file based content; resulting in efficient, high-throughput media production and significant advances in business process integration.

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