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SSL DV Launches Gravity Studio Recorder MC Software (28/5/2010)

New Option Allows for Master Control of Three Satellite Gravity Studio Recorder Units

The newly formed SSL DV, Inc., a Solid State Logic Company, is pleased to announce the debut of the Gravity Studio Recorder MC Software option. Building on the capabilities of the Gravity Studio Recorder (GSR), the MC software option is designed to provide master control of up to three satellite GSR units for expanded, multi-camera video and audio coverage of a program, while still preserving the traditional tape work flow paradigm engineers use for near-air productions.

“The MC software option for the Gravity Studio Recorder is a breakthrough application that gives tremendous creative options to a director using the GSR system for near live to air production situations,” says Shaun McTernan, vice president of marketing for SSL DV, Inc. “While the GSR is the perfect choice to replace VTRs during a near to air production, GSR MC allows the creative team to integrate up to four separate cameras into the video flow. This option maximizes flexibility that leads to superior content creation.”

The Gravity Studio Recorder is a digital linear recording device that allows for the overwriting of previous takes with new material onto the same file. The GSR MC software option creates a master/slave relationship between a designated master Gravity Studio Recorder and up to three additional GSR units. With MC, an end user can now successfully include a range of independent camera positions and production options not available with a single GSR unit. With each camera’s data stored on individual GSR units, a director may now re-take a question and answer segment, refine the video flow, insert and compile into a single file for air without separate time and budget intensive post production.

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