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Sonic Studio Shows Updates Including soundBlade Public Beta 2.0 (1/6/2010)

Sonic Studio, LLC used the 128th Audio Engineering Society Convention to launch new products, demonstrate new releases, and provide a glimpse at future technologies of interest.

The company staged the first public showing of several new items:

• the release of PreMaster CD™ 3.2
• the release of soundBlade™ public beta for 2.0
• the release of Quartet™ 1.2
• the release of the NoNOISE II™ Broadband Denoise plug–in
• previews of the Amarra™ 2.0 Computer Music Player family
• announcement of Series 300 pricing changes
• announcement of a special offer of the Amarra™ Computer Music Player
• on–site demonstrations of nexStage™ DSD production software, secureDDP™, Series 300™ hardware & future product releases

During the convention, Sonic Studio exhibited new updates to several of their products. Version 3.2 of PreMaster CD now includes a four topology form of Sonic EQ™. It also includes complete updates to the Mark Info window, plus Extended handling of BWF.

A new, Universal Binary version of Sonic Studio’s flagship application is nearing release. soundBlade 2.0 has been extensively re–written, with new features and speed. Demonstrations of the upcoming release will highlight its extended Broadcast WAV support, expanded multichannel capacity, support for the Waves Audio Units family along with additional AU plug–ins, and improved NoNOISE II capabilities.

Part of Sonic Studio’s NoNOISE II suite, the Broadband Denoise module continues to define state of the art fidelity and ease of use. At the 128th AES Convention, Sonic Studio debuted a new Audio Units and RTAS version of Broadband Denoise that brings benchmark noise reduction performance to AU hosts, like Logic and Nuendo, as well as Pro Tools workstations everywhere. Existing NoNOISE II owners will welcome the new module as a free add–on to their existing license.

Amarra 2.0, a family of products for easy computer playback of very high resolution files, will be shown publicly for the first time. Recently developed additions to the Amarra family also debuted at the show.

Amarra has already established a new paradigm for ultra–fidelity home entertainment, and version 2.0 adds support for a wider range of file types, including FLAC, MP3 and AAC. Leveraging Sonic Studio’s high fidelity nexStage DSD technology, Amarra 2.0 will also play native, high resolution stereo DSD files. In addition, Amarra 2.0 adds several new EQ types to its collection of minimal phase filter topologies.

The 128th AES Convention saw new, lower pricing on the most popular member of Sonic Studio’s eight channel hardware family. The Model 304 is now value priced at US$3995 and includes both the +DSP option and a Sonic EQ license. To show their thanks to everyone during the conference, for a limited time Sonic Studio will be offering all eight channel purchasers, including the Model 303, 304 and 305, a free copy of Amarra 2.0 when purchased with soundBlade or PreMaster CD.   AddThis Social Bookmark Button

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