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Nagra Audio Showcases its Range of High-Quality Digital Recorders (1/6/2010)

Nagra Audio is a well established and highly respected designer and manufacturer of high quality portable digital audio recorders for broadcast, film and music. The company, founded in 1951 in Switzerland, has an unrivalled reputation for quality and reliability.

Three portable products from the Nagra range were highlighted at the AES exhibition ranging from a small, portable hand-held unit to a compact six track recorder.


The Ares ML has become the preferred location recorder with many of the world’s broadcast companies. The audio recorder is low cost but it still provides very high quality audio and is ideal for reporters. It has, ten hours battery life, up to 13hours recording time with both linear and compressed recording.

Being hand-held it provides simple finger-tip control and operation yet it still provides sophisticated features. In addition to the sophisticated features listed the standard features are not forgotten – there is a built-in loudspeaker, stereo monitoring on mini jack and stereo line in/out to name just a few.

Nagra LB is a compact, lightweight two channel battery operated digital recorder designed for broadcast applications but is also well suited to a multitude of other recording applications. There are two analogue audio inputs and a single stereo digital input and there is an integral on-board graphic audio editor

A variety of recording types are provided including 24 bit 192 kHz linear and MPEG-1 layer II recordings. MP-3 compression is available. Download is versatile including Bluetooth, Ethernet, USB 2.0 or CF card.

Compact flash and internal 2GB flash memory are provided and in addition media is hot swappable to extend recording time indefinitely. Other features of this comprehensive recorder include an on-board graphic audio editor, one button recording, an internal speaker, a pre-recording buffer and dual colour screens.

Nagra VI has achieved considerable success in the short time since it was launched, for example it was awarded the TEC Award for “Outstanding Technical Achievement” in New York in October 2009 during the 127th AES show.

This feature-filled battery powered recorder provides six recordable tracks with recording to both hard disc and CompactFlash. Features include a bright colour operator display, long battery life, full SMPTE/EBU timecode and USB download for both PC & Mac. Internal drive recording is to a 120GB internal 2.5? hard disk

Specification highlights include six independent analogue audio inputs, SMPTE Time code, 24/96, iXML compatibility and BWF files. The versatility of the Nagra VI has seen applications including on-location film, TV production, portable music mastering and wildlife recordings.   AddThis Social Bookmark Button

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