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Telestream Releases Vantage Video Workflow Management Software (9/6/2010)

Enterprise-class video workflow design, automation and management software revolutionizes IT-based video capture, transcoding, analysis, metadata and delivery

Telestream®, the leading provider of video transcoding and workflow solutions, announced the release of Vantage™, the industry’s first fully-integrated family of enterprise-class software products that allows users to easily design and manage IT-based video workflows. Vantage combines video capture, transcoding, analysis, quality control, metadata processing and clip management into a single, flexible workflow framework. Vantage allows media and entertainment companies and organizations with high-volume video processing needs to simplify the migration to IT workflows, improve video operations, and more easily address new multi-platform business opportunities.

“IT video workflows are getting more pervasive and prominent across verticals. It is important for the workflow to be nimble and accelerate cycle time through automated processes that are proactive and not just reactive,” said Mukul Krishna, Global Director, Digital Media at Frost & Sullivan. “With Vantage, Telestream recognizes that the boundaries of transcoding have transformed from being a niche to become part of an entire workflow solution. The company has successfully merged it with other components, such as video and audio analysis, to provide customers with a comprehensive workflow solution that enables users to compete effectively in a very dynamic digital video environment."

Vantage is built from the ground up on a modular, future-proof platform. Where yesterday’s video workflows frequently used discrete solutions for each step in the digital media workflow, Vantage offers deep integration between components in a single unified framework. This in turn allows the creation of complete and seamless workflows that were previously impossible to automate. Vantage consists of three solutions: Vantage Workflow, Vantage Transcode and Vantage Analysis.

Vantage Workflow

With Vantage’s video workflow design capability, media, metadata, analysis data and process flows can be built independently of video file formats or video systems. Flexible process design and an intuitive graphical user interface simplify the design, automation and management of a variety of workflows. These unique capabilities allow fully-automated, self-adapting video workflows to be built without the need for costly software engineering or consultants.

Vantage integrates directly with today’s existing video systems, web services, and supports all major video file formats out of the box. This enables today’s video operations to automate video workflows within existing environments, and makes the operational migration to IT-based infrastructure easier and more cost efficient.

Vantage Transcode

Vantage Transcode offers the industry’s most powerful, affordable, enterprise-class server transcoder that automates transcoding between all major video and audio files formats. Transcoding as part of the Vantage workflow provides the industry’s broadest and deepest file format support for broadcast, cable, edit, web, mobile, VOD, and IPTV workflows, including MXF, VANC, timecode, captions, multiple audio streams and metadata. Built upon Telestream’s award-winning FlipFactory® technology, Vantage Transcode is optimized for speed and reliability. When used as part of the workflow deployment, Vantage can automate “smart” transcoding workflows that incorporate adaptive decision-making and automated encode configuration.

Vantage Analysis

Vantage Analysis as part of the workflow allows users to create adaptive workflows that react to content properties and quality. Vantage Analysis supports any video file format and properties such as letterbox, curtains, black, slate, telecine and ITU 1770 loudness. Results can be fed directly to transcoding, reporting or web services, or used in real-time decision-making. This allows the creation of intelligent, self-healing workflows. Users can design workflows that detect and correct errors at any step in the workflow process and provide input to other tasks, including reporting and downstream video processing such as trimming and cropping.

Capture from tape or live sources can be added to the workflow using Telestream Pipeline™ which seamlessly integrates with Vantage to immediately automate workflow processes during capture. Graphics assembly can be added to the workflow using Telestream GraphicsFactory® to increase the value of media by branding, localizing and tailoring media for specific regions and audiences.

Robust and reliable, Vantage runs on Windows 2003, 2008 R1 or XP Pro servers. Processing can take place on one or multiple load-balanced servers to provide high-volume processing. For critical workflows, Vantage provides 24/7 server reliability, auto failover, priority-driven processing and distributed control to ensure no single point of failure.


Vantage workflow design, automation and management pricing starts at $8,500 per server. Vantage Transcode can be added or purchased as a standalone product for $5,500 per server; $10,500 per server for Vantage Transcode Pro. Vantage Analysis can be added for $7,500 per server. Additional pricing is available upon request. A trade-in program is also available for FlipFactory customers who purchased after 3/31/2009. Vantage products are available from Telestream’s worldwide network of direct sales and distributors.

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