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JoeCo Announces BLACKBOX RECORDER Compatibility with Glyph GT 062E Drive (9/6/2010)

Glyph GT 062E drive performs with maximum reliability in tests with BLACKBOX RECORDER

Following the recent addition of a formatting utility in the BLACKBOX RECORDER, UK manufacturer JoeCo has carried out a series of tests on selected disk drives to evaluate their effectiveness in live performance situations. With reliability high on the agenda for the 24-channel live multi-track recorder manufacturer, Glyph Technologies’ new GT 062E drive has gained top marks, accompanying the BBR to both NAMM 2010 and the Frankfurt Musikmesse.

Glyph’s GT 062E is a professional-grade storage solution designed for audio and video editing, content creation and live recording. It has two hard drives inside, and can be configured in several different drive modes, selectable using the Glyph Manager software utility. When configured in RAID 1 mode, data is copied redundantly to both drives. Should a drive failure happen, data is still available on the remaining drive. Peter Glanville, Director of Marketing at Glyph Technologies explains why the GT 062E is valuable for BLACKBOX RECORDER users:

“The BLACKBOX RECORDER packs huge recording power into a small package, and requires fast, reliable storage. Our 062E is a perfect fit for this application - it’s built with a steel enclosure designed for the use and abuse of the road, it’s rack-mountable, and ships with a hardshell carrying case. We’re really pleased to find that the 062E has performed so successfully with the BLACKBOX RECORDER.”

As the BLACKBOX RECORDER commences a busy summer of international festivals and tours, JoeCo Managing Director Joe Bull has been keen to monitor the stand-alone capability of the unit, which records 24 channels of 24 bit / 96kHz multi-channel audio (in Broadcast WAV format) directly onto a FAT32 formatted drive, without the need to have a computer at the performance.

“After a brief familiarization period, I successfully re-formatted the GT 062E drive to FAT32 configured as RAID 1, directly from the BLACKBOX RECORDER” he said. “The BBR’s new formatting facility doesn't restrict you to maximum partitions of 32GB under FAT32 (unlike Windows) and the RAID technology means that even in the unlikely event of a disk failure, there’s still a backup in the same unit to ensure that the live recording continues uninterrupted. For a busy FOH engineer, knowing that your live recording process is 100% secure is a major consideration. The GT 062E has performed flawlessly and we are pleased to become one of Glyph’s compatible hardware partners.”  AddThis Social Bookmark Button

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