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Digital Vision Announces 2010 Software Release with New Products and Pricing Structure (18/6/2010)

Digital Vision has today unveiled the details of its updated Nucoda grading and Phoenix restoration products, highly competitive new price points and its 2010 software release offering significant features and tools that further highlight its strong commitment to the post production community.

Martin Bennett, Digital Vision VP Marketing explains, “It has always been our goal to provide more of the company’s innovative image science at multiple price points and with the 2010 product and software release we have certainly achieved this. Whilst we have been highly regarded for our premium solutions this new product range allows customers at all levels to benefit from our technology with an array of solutions and price points that address specific tasks for image grading, finishing and restoration. Add to this our continued commitment to develop and include industry-leading tools for stereoscopic 3D workflow and image enhancement, we will enable our customers to stay ahead of the curve, delivering premium content to clients.”

Slated for delivery on 27th July 2010:

* Nucoda - The leading grading and finishing Nucoda platform will now have a new pricing structure and two new solutions. The premium flagship Nucoda Film Master solution, as used by leading content creators including Pixar, now has an entry price of $90K. To address the mid-range DI grading and dailies market, Digital Vision will release Nucoda Fuse and an ingest, conform and edit solution called Nucoda Compose.

* Phoenix –Digital Vision continues its commitment to the film/image content restoration sector, with the release of a totally new product range. Phoenix Finish is the flagship end-to-end restoration, re-mastering and delivery system, the mid-range solution Phoenix Refine, will provide a complete toolset for advanced image restoration and enhancement, and the entry-level Phoenix Touch will provide automated and manual image clean up and retouch.

As part of the 2010 software release, Digital Vision has included applications to increase the performance of these new products. The first, Turbine, introduces integrated and distributed background rendering for Phoenix and Nucoda solutions allowing rendering of multiple projects and compositions without tying up the client’s workstation. DVO Clarity, the next-generation of noise and grain reduction technology features automatic profiling of the source media for producing stunning images, virtually artifact free that retain original sharpness, whilst the speed and ergonomically enhanced DVO Fix automatically repairs imperfections associated with degraded film and image media. 

The 2010 software release also includes additional stereo 3D tools and viewing modes, a new colour isolation keyer (I-Keyer) and updated file format enhancements including Arri Alexa support, MFX OP1a publishing and ALE file export.

Bennett concludes, “We consider these announcements to be a significant milestone for our company and the industry – we are releasing powerful solutions and opening up our product line to a wide range of users. This landmark release marks the beginning of a number of strategic initiatives from Digital Vision. We look forward to surprising and delighting our customers in the coming months this space!”   AddThis Social Bookmark Button

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