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Synchro Arts Releases VocALign Project 3 VST Plug-in (29/6/2010)

World’s only automatic audio alignment program now integrates with Cubase and Nuendo

Synchro Arts Limited, creators of VocALign®, the unique automatic audio alignment software, are pleased to announce the immediate availability of VocALign Project 3 -VST, a new VST3 plug-in that integrates with Cubase 5 and 4 as well as Nuendo 5 and 4.

VocALign is the only audio editing tool that automatically synchronizes two audio signals at the touch of a button. It massively speeds up audio synchronization tasks and increases the quality of results by automatically "micro-editing" the new or replacement audio signal to align the timing of its modulations to match that of a guide signal.

The range of applications for VocALign typically include:

• Tightening-up of double tracking, backing vocals and instruments
• Lip-syncing dialogue and vocals
• Foreign dialogue replacement
• Multimedia applications

For over 15 years, VocALign has been used in studios every day saving time and effort as well as enhancing the quality of audio post-production. It is used regularly on major feature films and TV shows as well as for instant vocal and instrument alignment in popular music.

Jeff Bloom, the company’s Managing Director, commented “Thanks to the added features provided for VST3 plug-ins, we have been able to design an approach that efficiently handles the transferring of audio between the VocALign plug-in and Cubase or Nuendo. What’s been particularly rewarding is being able to satisfy the large numbers of Cubase and Nuendo owners who have been requesting VocALign for many years.”

NEW: Multi-Platform Licensing in VocALign Project 3

For cost-conscious studio owners, VocALign Project 3 licenses are mutli-platform licenses delivered on iLok. By purchasing one multi-platform license, the user can run VocALign Project 3 as a VST3 version, an AU version for Logic and an Audio Suite version for Pro Tools. This allows the user to switch between popular audio editing systems and maintain the unique functionality and speed of VocALign across these major DAWs. Owners of a VocALign Project 3 license will be able to run the VST3 version at no further cost.

Purchasing and Downloads

14-day demonstrations of the new VocALign Project 3 VST3 plug-in software can be download from along with manuals and tutorial media. These versions can be licensed with iLok licenses which can be purchased on-line from at or from Synchro Arts dealers.

The Recommended Retail Prices (RRP) for an electronically delivered VocALign Project 3 licenses are:
US$325 for North America
€239 (ex VAT) for Europe
£199 (ex VAT) for UK and the rest of the world

Upgrades are available on the Synchro Arts website at:
US$99 for North America
€84 (ex VAT) for Europe
£70 (ex VAT) for UK and the rest of the world   AddThis Social Bookmark Button

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