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Bluefish444 Certifies Enhance’s SAS RAID Storage Solution for HD and 2K Video (13/7/2010)

UltraStor RS8 SS Certified Using Bluefish444’s Symmetry & Adobe Premiere Pro

Enhance Technology, the leading data storage designer and manufacturer for digital media production, announced today the certification of its RS8 SS professional SAS RAID storage system using Bluefish444’s Symmetry and Adobe Premiere Pro for general editing, capturing, compositing, rendering and exporting to tape of HD uncompressed video. The UltraStor RS8 SS is certified for use in data intensive digital media applications such as post production, HDTV broadcasting, 2K film, 3D digital cinema, near-line video editing and broadcasting.

After an intensive test & qualification process by Bluefish444 engineers, the RS8 SS delivered performance, stability and flexibility essential to the caliber of projects typical of Bluefish444 users. “With the latest hardware RAID controller, an eight (8x) disk rack-mount design, hot-swappable components, and studio quality dual redundant power supply, the RS8 SS offers the perfect blend of performance, redundancy, and value to ensure the highest level of return on investment for video storage applications,” said Steven Huang, Enhance Technology’s Global Marketing Manager.

With over 10 years of knowledge and experience working with creative professionals, Bluefish444 is committed to providing the highest quality of Creative Digital Content hardware tools for digital intermediary and film production. Bluefish444 has delivered customized solutions for some of the world most demanding creative artists in thousands of Hollywood features and several Academy Award winners.

The UltraStor RS8 SS is designed to work with both high reliability SAS disks and high capacity SATA disks, and is capable of dynamic storage expansion to 4x more enterprise RS16 JS JBOD storage sub-systems for a total of 120TB storage capacity. It allows users to increase their storage capacity as their need for storage applications advance through time. The UltraStor RS8 SS is ideal for SD, HD, 2K video editing, multi-track video streaming process, nonlinear video editing, and media & asset libraries. UltraStor RS8 SS Highlights:

§ Hybrid SAS & SATA based disk storage system § Storage expansion through RS16 JS system § Comprehensive RAID levels: 0, 1, 3, 5, 6, 10, 30, 50, 60 § System throughput of over 700MB/sec on RAID-5 § Remote monitoring and management over TCP § Dual-redundant 80 Plus Power Supply Module The complete Bluefish444 testing report and performance results for UltraStor RS8 SS are available at:

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