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Calrec Audio Announces it Will Stop Making Analogue Desks, Support To Continue For A Decade (13/7/2010)

Calrec Audio has announced it will discontinue production of analogue audio consoles as of November 30, 2010. Until then, the company is offering an opportunity to make final purchases of its S2, C2, and M3 analogue consoles as well as modules and card assemblies.

In keeping with the company’s long-standing support policy, Calrec will continue to provide component spares and repair services for the S2, C2 and M3 consoles for a minimum of 10 years from shipment date. Should original components or parts become unavailable, Calrec will offer appropriate alternatives, including hardware/software solutions.

The decision to stop making analogue consoles results from the broadcast market’s general adoption of digital technology, which has both reduced demand for analogue products and made dedicated analogue components difficult to come by. Calrec had already stopped manufacturing its T-Series and Q2 analogue consoles.

Calrec distributors will be contacting existing Calrec analogue console customers to advise them of the details of the final purchase offer and to assess their need for consoles, modules and cards.   AddThis Social Bookmark Button

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