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SSL Releases Free iPhone App for X-Patch Audio Routing Matrix (13/7/2010)

New iPhone App brings Wi Fi remote control to SSL’s X-Patch software controlled analogue patch bay

Solid State Logic, the world’s leading manufacturer of professional digital and analogue consoles, has released their first iPhone App. The ‘Remote Control For X-Patch’ can be downloaded for free from the iTunes™ App Store now. The X-Patch Remote Control searches a network over Wi-Fi for SSL's X-Patch devices. If your X-Patch is connected to a Wi fi network the Remote Control enables selection and recall of individual stored Logictivity™ Presets. There are up to 128 presets per X-Patch found, and where more than one X-Patch is found, each device can be independently selected and controlled.

About X-Patch

X-Patch is designed to deliver the flexibility of plug-in style routing to boutique analogue signal processing. X-Patch allows analogue signal processing units to be built into favourite processing chains and then easily placed into signal paths, for example, favourite Mic Pre, EQ & Dynamics processors recalled as the perfect vocal chain at a single stroke.

At its heart, X-Patch is an 'intelligent' 16x16 SuperAnalogue™ audio routing matrix. Control of this sophisticated processing is made simple through SSL's unique Logictivity Browser™; this graphical interface allows the creation of X-Y routes and chains with all configurations able to be saved as presets.

In a studio environment X-Patch speeds up workflow and aids creativity by reducing the constant physical re-patching required when using only a patch bay for routing. Each X-Patch unit also has local MIDI IO for connection to footswitches and other utility MIDI program change devices.

X-Patch Key Features

* Inserts analogue processors into production workflow like plug-ins * Suited to studio production and live performance applications * Insert ‘chains’ can be created, saved and recalled * Browser software controls routing and set up * Ethernet connection to Mac or PC host computer * 16 x 16 pure analogue routing matrix * Rear panel audio connection via 4 x 25 way D-Sub’s * Front Panel combi inputs and XLR outputs for channels 1 & 2 * SSL SuperAnalogue™ transparent audio performance * MIDI connectivity enables use of Programmable Foot controllers * +4dB and -10dB operating levels facilitate use of guitar pedals etc

X-Patch is available now for free from the iTunes App Store.   AddThis Social Bookmark Button

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