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SGO unveils Mistika Version 5, Mistika Live and showcases LightSpace CMS (11/8/2010)

SGO’s Mistika has been recognised as "the most capable system in the market for stereoscopic 3D finishing" by Framestore’s Director of Technology, Steve Prescott.

SGO is pleased to announce exciting plans at IBC which includes demonstrations of Mistika Version 5, the launch of Mistika Live, Mistika’s presence at the IBC Conference and showcasing LightSpace CMS, along with other noteworthy developments to be unveiled at SGO’s Stand 6.A11 in Hall 6. Mistika’s Version 5, one of the most significant software releases to date, brings with it a new intuitive interface for maximum user acceptability as well as a set of impressive new groundbreaking stereoscopic 3D and 2D tools, powerful colour grading capabilities, 2D compositing functionality and direct RED and other workflows which will be revealed at the show. Mistika Version 5 features a mind-blowing increase in speed resulting in tremendous time-saving, and its speed combined with its reliable and consistent delivery of high quality images, is critical to the completion of a successful project. Mistika’s Version 5 also supports up to 4K real-time colour grading.

Mistika Version 5 Features include:

* A brand new stunning intuitive interface;
* Real-time geometry matching;
* Real-time colour matching;
* Interactive and animated parallax modifications (convergence);
* Inter-ocular distance interpolation;
* Complete real-time stereo 3D advanced colour grading;
* Full stereo 3D compositing environment;
* Multiple stereo 3D visualisation modes;
* Real-time floating windows;
* Real-time Z-Depth shot transitions (hand-offs);
* Delivery stereo formats (any stereo 3D standard);
* Dual stereo 3D ingest (progressive and interlaced)

Mistika provides leading edge colour grading power which is responsive, flexible and highly productive for multiple workflows. Mistika is a strong contender with current grading systems in the market and is a cost-effective investment as it is future-proofed with stereoscopic 3D capability, designed within from the start. Not only is Mistika’s software power truly remarkable, in addition, Mistika’s advanced DI is directly compatible with more than 200 native image formats. This enables post production work to start immediately without any conversion delays, space duplication issues or processing time. Mistika also boasts superior de-grain and noise reduction. The system retains the image details with state-of-the-art colour manipulation tools.

The open architecture and open storage approach of Mistika also enables any third-party systems to have direct access to the system's storage and files, providing for a truly 'open' workflow even between non-SGO products. This makes Mistika both effortless and beneficial to integrate into existing facilities. Internally, Mistika also uses open formats at the highest bit-depth quality, with true 16 bit floating point per channel processes, HDR and 8K+ resolution support. By utilising standard SAN technology, but with clever application development, Mistika makes the most of inherent SAN capabilities.

Mistika Live, launching for the first time at IBC, is an innovative and time-saving stereoscopic 3D production tool. (A more detailed announcement will be issued about Mistika Live closer to IBC.) Mistika is now fully supported by Light Illusion’s LightSpace Colour Management System. LightSpace CMS ensures consistent and accurate colour calibration at every stage of the production and post-production chain. It generates advanced 3D Look Up Tables (LUTs) that ensure all colour rendition is as accurate as possible on any type of display for any type of deliverable. This combined with Mistika On-set makes a compelling solution for any colour situation.

The IBC Conference this year will also feature SGO’s Director of Sales and Operations, Geoff Mills and BSkyB’s Stereographer and Stereo 3D Online Artist, Francisco Ramos, as guest speakers to highlight Mistika’s key stereoscopic 3D features. The session takes place on Monday 13 September at 11.30am. Further information about the IBC Conference is available at

SGO is in partnership with US-based S3D Technologies who will be launching the new S3D Beam Splitter Rig and S3D Calculator ( at SGO’s booth.

Register at using VIP code 8668 to obtain complimentary entry, courtesy of SGO.

Find out why BSkyB, The Framestore, Molinare, BTV, Infinia, On Sight, Preditors, El Colorado and many other post facilities have chosen Mistika as their first choice for finishing, grading, 2D compositing and superior stereoscopic 3D functionality.

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