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Doremi shows its developments for 3D and Digital Cinema (2/9/2010)

Doremi Technologies is a leading developer and manufacturer of video servers for the broadcast and professional markets and has also achieved a leading position in digital cinema. Its technology continually breaks cost barriers, delivering high quality and performance at affordable prices. Video products include high-performance video servers and players operating up to 4K, as well as converters for baseband and file-based content – including 3D. Digital cinema products feature the world’s leading DCI player, the DCP-2000 that continues active development, as well as mastering systems.

New products at IBC centre on developments for 3D and Digital Cinema. With its unique, wide experience in this market, Doremi is introducing new tools aimed at enhancing digital cinema operations and the audience experience. There are new innovations on show for DCI mastering, streamlining the set-up and running of theatres as well as the handling of the rapidly expanding alternative content market.


StreamIt is a broadcast MPEG2 video streamer companion device for Doremi DCP-2000 and DCP-2K4 digital cinema players. It connects to a satellite receiver and converts an IP source (MPEG2-HD with PCM or AC3 audio) into a 1Gb/s IP stream of 2D and 3D content for up to four Doremi players – allowing last minute scheduling and removing the expensive audio and video wiring by a simple Ethernet cable.


Dimension-3D offers unique and highly versatile 3D format conversion from any standard 3D format to another, including frame rate changes. Standard video formats are supported from HD to 2K. Dimension-3D accepts both dual and single stream HDSDI as well as HDMI inputs and outputs.

The versatility of Dimension-3D means it fits virtually all stereoscopic workflows. It allows any 3D input stream format to be used with all types of display components currently available, including high-end projectors and the latest generation 3D-ready LCD displays. By encoding and decoding between two, left and right eye, streams and a single HDSDI stream from Dimension-3D, enables recording 3D content on standard ‘2D’ HD tape and server technologies.

Digital Cinema Mastering Solutions

RAPID Mastering Stations

The new RAPID Mastering Stations are the next generation DCI-JPEG2000 digital cinema mastering solutions with extensive encoding parameter controls and support for bit rates up to 250 Mb/s. They combine all the tools for 2K and 4K image compression processing in one 4RU package. The new high quality variable bit-rate (VBR) encoding produces the best possible image quality with significantly smaller files than those achieved with constant bit rate encoding – allowing reduced duplication time and distribution costs. RAPID includes Doremi’s Dolphin hardware acceleration technology for super-fast JPEG2000 compression in a 64-bit Linux package complete with internal media storage.

RAPID is available in two versions – RAPID and RAPID-2x. Both include fast quad-core CPUs with hardware acceleration from Doremi Dolphin boards. RAPID has one Dolphin board and can encode 2K JPEG2000 at up to 12 f/s. For RAPID-2x with two Dolphin boards the 2K compression speed doubles 24 f/s. Both can include 4K compression at 2 or 4 f/s respectively. The platforms include RAID5 media storage of 3 or 5 TB respectively.

CineAsset 4.4.44

CineAsset is Doremi’s software-based mastering solution for digital cinema. It converts popular video formats files to JPG2000 compressed images and creates unencrypted MXF wrappers for digital cinema playback on any digital cinema server including Doremi's DCP-2000, DCP-2K4, DSV-J2 and the ShowVault server. This is ideal for assembling pre-show adverting and locally sourced material. CineAsset-PRO is a variant that provides multi-threading and so faster conversions.

The latest version, CineAsset 4.4.44 now adds image scaling to fit the projector’s output, and conversion to the XYZ colorspace used in DCI digital cinema.

CineAsset software is available for MAC OS X and Windows XP Professional and Vista operating systems at

Test and measurement


Qalif provides a straightforward and quick way to set up and calibrate the output of a digital projector chain. Not only does it accurately check focus but also many other parameters including colorimetry and uniformity with complete analysis of the whole surface of the screen.

The system comprises a digital stills camera that is connected by WiFi to a PC in the projection room so a single trained operator can control and adjust the projector and instantly see the analysis of the results. A step-by-step software-guided calibration procedure allows quick and easy set up and measurement with only three snapshots needed for a complete evaluation of the projection performance. The results for colorimetry, contrast, uniformity, etc, are displayed in user-friendly graphics and any appropriate adjustments can quickly be made. Qalif generates reports to keep a history of calibration and records that may be used for a thorough analysis by specialist.

Qalif is a cost-effective single system built specifically for the job of calibrating digital projection chains and includes a pluggable carrying case for fast and easy installation and removal. It replaces the three separate costly measurement tools of traditional equipment, combining these into one system that delivers more flexibility and faster accurate results.

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