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DVS highlights CLIPSTER's expanded 3D feature set including depth grading and support for Apple ProRes 422 (3/9/2010)

CLIPSTER(r), DVS's award-winning DI workstation, now comes with an expanded feature set for stereoscopic workflows, offering depth grading for nuanced processing of 3D material.

DVS is showcasing the latest CLIPSTER(r) features at its booth no. 7.E25. Right on time for Europe's biggest industry event in Amsterdam, the DVS flagship is presenting new highlights for 3D workflows, such as depth grading, as well as support for Apple ProRes 422.

From September 10th to the 14th, visitors to the IBC will have the opportunity to assess the RAW deliverable process. CLIPSTER(r) now also comes with a convenient tool set for the logging and linking of digital material. Digital deliverables of modern RAW cameras can be created at high speed. CLIPSTER(r) is capable of creating a single timeline from a wide range of different RAW data, e.g. material from RED(r), ARRI D-20/D-21, ALEXA, Phantom or SI-2K cameras. All RAW formats can be decoded and demosaiced in real-time. With its comprehensive set of burn-in features and a wide range of deliverable formats, CLIPSTER(r) covers all aspects of the deliverable workflow.

Post houses especially benefit from the DI workstation's new DCI capabilities: CLIPSTER(r) generates 3D Digital Cinema Packages (DCP) in real-time and its sophisticated hardware helps accelerate DCI Mastering and 3D subtitling in 4K. Numerous stereoscopic real-time workflows enable users to effortlessly handle 3D material. Thanks to the new 3D depth grading, it is now possible to fine-tune the depth of a 3D scene. Here, CLIPSTER(r) is using a very nuanced approach that enables the creation of perfect 3D for any screen size.

As of now, CLIPSTER(r) also supports another Apple codec with capabilities for Apple ProRes 422 generation in Proxy, LT and 4444. In the 444 version, CLIPSTER(r) offers 12-bit processing for ALEXA camera feed. The DI workstation reads and writes the codec under the Windows(r) operating system.

Bernhard Reitz, DVS Head of Product Management: "Our customers are pretty excited about CLIPSTER's new 3D features, like depth grading for stereoscopic material. This year's IBC is another opportunity for us to demonstrate how versatile and flexible our flagship product is: Its solid support for a wide variety of codecs and formats is a good example of our philosophy of openness' being put into practice."

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