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Hitachi Launches New 1080p/3G Camera Control System (20/9/2010)

Hitachi Kokusai is launching a new camera control system for its new SK-HD1200 high definition 1080p multi-format camera. Launched at IBC 2010 the CU-HD1200 and the CA-HF1200 provide significantly reduced power consumption and improved functionality. HD-SDI 1080p/1080i/720p inputs/outputs are offered as standard although the system is capable of providing all modern SD-SDI formats.

An HFOC (Hybrid Fibre Optic Cable) is used to connect the camera adaptor (CA) and the camera control unit (CCU). The signals are transmitted using an optical serial digital transmission method (HD-SDI standard 3/1.5 Gbps) to ensure high-quality transmission. The effective HFOC length can be up to 1 km. Plus two channels of MIC audio can be embedded in HD-SDI/SD-SDI output.

The camera control system features a high-performance SDTV down converter, which thanks to an independent and separate processor located in the CU-HD1200 can be adjusted for SD video outputs without affecting the HD video signal outputs, plus, aspect ratio is switchable between 16:9 and 4:3. In addition the control unit CU-HD1200 has an HDTV up-converter provided as standard, for displaying the SDTV return signals in the HD Viewfinder. The up-converter is of a line-correction type capable of displaying 1,080 effective scanning lines. AUX and Return colour signals can also be displayed in the optional TFT-LCD colour viewfinders.

Digital inputs/outputs for the system are as follows:

-3G/HD -SDI OUT x8 or Dual Link-HD-SDI x4 [Embedded audio available]
-HD-SDI or SD-SDI OUT x4 [x2/x2 Embedded audio available] (SD-SDI 16:9/4:3 switchable)
-HD-SDI or SD-SDI WFM OUT x1 [Embedded audio available]
-HD-SDI or SD-SDI PIX OUT x1 [Embedded audio available]
-HD-SDI or SD-SDI RET In x4 [for VF]
-3G/HD-SDI or SD-SDI HD-SDI or SD-SDI RET In x2 [for Floor Monitor] (HD-SDI 3G/1.5G or Dual Link switchable)  AddThis Social Bookmark Button

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