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ARRI releases ALEXA ProRes DTE features with Software Update Package 2.0 (20/9/2010)

Shortly before IBC 2010, ARRI released ALEXA Software Update Package (SUP) 2.0, fully implementing the camera’s ProRes recording capability. This followed a successful Beta phase, during which selected customers tested this exciting onboard recording solution on a variety of productions all over the world.

End customers already owning ALEXAs are now able to download the software from ARRI’s newly re-launched website, after a short registration process during which the camera serial numbers need to be submitted for authentication.

In-camera recording at up to 30 fps onto high-performance SxS PRO cards with ProRes codecs is enabled in the new release - support for 60 fps recording will follow shortly. Customers now have the freedom to choose whether to record in-camera with ProRes DTE or via the HD-SDI interface with onboard HD recorders, providing solutions for every application and budget. Simultaneous capture with frame-accurate time code of in-camera ProRes and HD footage from an onboard recorder is also possible, producing rapid offline dailies followed by secure online conforming - significantly streamlining traditional HD workflows.

In addition to the ProRes 422 (HQ) and ProRes 4444 codecs originally promised to ALEXA customers, the release also delivers ProRes Proxy, ProRes LT, and ProRes 422 to enhance ALEXA’s DTE capabilities.

For productions requiring the best possible image quality and a 2K finished output, ARRIRAW features among the recording options. Connecting over the T-link interface to compatible recorders, ALEXA now has the ability to concurrently record ARRIRAW and ProRes editorial files for speedy and efficient offline/online conforming.

SUP 2.0 also contains improved sensor and image calibration software that extends the useable dynamic range of the camera to 14 stops, all the way from ISO 160 to ISO 1600. Such remarkable performance is only possible due to ALEXA’s dual-gain sensor architecture, which is unique in the market.  AddThis Social Bookmark Button

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