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Merging Technologies adopts RAVENNA real-time IP network media technology (8/10/2010)

Merging Technologies announce the adoption of RAVENNA, the real-time IP network media technology of the future. Developed by ALC NetworX, RAVENNA has all the right ingredients to become the dominant IP standard in broadcast and recording.

Among its most striking features is sub-sample synchronization accuracy throughout even the largest networks while maintaining ultra-low (sub-millisecond) latency with full signal transparency. The technology is scalable in line with network performance from one or two audio channels up to several hundred fully redundant channels with sample-accurate play-out alignment of all network nodes. Unicast and multicast modes are supported on a per stream basis. RAVENNA can also be used to distribute AES 11 media clock and supports multiple concurrent media clocks. Operating over conventional IP networks RAVENNA is infrastructure agnostic generally, in that it does not require special network hardware, switches, adaptors and bridges etc. and can operate with the vast majority of current network protocols and topologies.

All protocols and mechanisms employed are based on widely deployed and established methods from the IT and audio industries and, in contrast to most other audio networking solutions, RAVENNA is an open technology with no proprietary licensing policy.

Claude Cellier, Merging Technologies CEO, about RAVENNA : "Merging Technologies has been developing a proprietary Ethernet-based audio streaming protocol for the past two years. It was a natural progression to join forces with like minded companies in the RAVENNA consortium. We expect RAVENNA to become a natural and seamless extension connecting directly to our existing MassCore Processing and Mixing engine. It has all the right ingredients to become our core I/O and control technology for the future."   AddThis Social Bookmark Button

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