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SSL DV Introduces New Gravity Live-Edit Version 2.0 (8/10/2010)

New Features Help Streamline Production Flow

SSL DV, Inc., a Solid State Logic Company and the makers of Gravity Media Asset Management systems for the Broadcast, Government, Education and Corporate markets, is introducing Gravity LiveEdit Version 2.0 real time non-linear editing system. LiveEdit delivers the power to modify a program’s content while keeping within pre-existing time schedules for live and near-live broadcasting applications. New features help streamline production flow.

“The Gravity LiveEdit Version 2.0 is a full-featured non-linear editing system that gives the broadcaster incredible control over content editing, live commercial insertion (right up to air) and compliance monitoring,” says Shaun McTernan, vice president of marketing for SSL DV. “LiveEdit lets an operator modify a timeline in many ways including append, insert, overlay, replace, trim, splice, slip, lift, cut, copy and paste functions. The delete feature can either close the resulting gap or leave it open for content insertion. The new features further enhance LiveEdit’s capabilities, for greater content throughput. LiveEdit is perfect for live sports applications and for cross-culture compliance monitoring.”

The new Pixelate feature, with the option to interpolate between keyframes, delivers the power to take any frame or series of frames or desired portions of a frame and literally pixelate the content. This feature is widely seen on portions of interviews where the identity of a person must be kept private. A major broadcaster in Malaysia is currently using LiveEdit for compliance editing where the pixelate feature is used to block content that would be considered inappropriate to air in Malaysia. A new batch of dissolves has also been added to increase the creative options regarding switching between cuts. The dissolves can greatly enhance the impact of a program.

LiveEdit now has the capability to display between one and four predefined overlay options with alpha mask transparency values. This feature is ideal for reviewing, for example, up to four different text overlays for a program segment. Fit to fill motion effects, most commonly seen as slow motion segments in a program, allow the engineer to lengthen or shorten a portion of video to fit a time requirement or to enhance or highlight particular content. This tool is perfect for fast-paced news operations where a particular action within a clip needs to be emphasized.

The long form overlay feature allows for up to a one hour replacement program to overlay an existing playout with editing capabilities available with as little as a five minute delay. The original program will reappear when the overlay program finishes playout. LiveEdit now features automatic commercial insertion and traffic mark display capabilities when integrated with a station’s traffic system. All LiveEdit enhancements can be applied in real time on both SD and HD transmissions.

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