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Cinegy Launches Cinegy Capture Independent Ingest Tool (12/10/2010)

Cinegy, a developer of world-leading media software solutions for automation, playout, production workflow and archive, launched their new ingest solution, Cinegy Capture. 

Cinegy Capture is a completely new product family, built from the ground-up as an independent ingest tool using many of the industry-leading components developed for other Cinegy products. The idea behind Cinegy Capture is as simple as it is revolutionary; one or multiple instances of Capture can be installed as a self-starting software-only service on a commodity server or standard PC, configured to work with specified video hardware or IP streams.

Once started Cinegy Capture announces itself to the network as an appliance that can be controlled remotely via a web-hosted application, meaning install-free and cross-platform operation on Windows and Mac OS alike. Users receive real-time feedback in the web interface thanks to Microsoft Silverlight and IIS Media Services, sending dynamically adjusting video images using Smooth Streaming, allowing instantaneous review of what is being captured - even when working over constrained internet links. There is no limit to how many instances of Capture can run on a machine, other than processor performance and available space to install SDI cards. With a high performance server or workstation up to four AVID DNxHD or XDCAM HD422 streams can be captured simultaneously.

“The addition and support of IIS Smooth Streaming to Cinegy’s professional broadcast offering will help combine the benefits of HTTP adaptive streaming with a proven and flexible workflow,” said John Deutscher, Senior Program Manager for the IIS Media Services team at Microsoft.  “We’re excited to see Cinegy embracing the benefits of IIS for their participation at IBC this year.”

The first member of this family, released at IBC, is Cinegy Capture Express, a product aimed mainly at the production community. For example, using Cinegy Capture Express, customers can create AVID DNxHD media for use directly in AVID Media Composer, freeing up a dedicated edit station that would otherwise just be used for ingest purposes. Supported SDI cards are commonly used boards by vendors such as AJA, BlackMagic Design and DVS. Cinegy Capture Express pricing starts at an affordable Euro 1495.

Other members of the Capture family include Capture Web and Capture Pro, due to be released later this year. Capture Web is a streamlined product with features focused for web broadcasting purposes, providing real-time H.264 SD and HD encoding to MP4 files or live dynamic bitrate streaming via IIS Media Services to supported clients – including hardware such as Apple iPad and iPhone.

Capture Pro, which includes the features of the other products in the family, also supports 10-bit encoding as well as encoding multiple quality streams at the same time, combining the role of a ingest with the role of transcoder, supporting various MAM and proxy based workflows. Capture can also be used to create high-res media for multiple different NLE platforms at the same time, such as outputting MXF files for AVID and MOV files for Final Cut Pro in one pass to multiple destinations.

Cinegy Capture is implemented using the latest service-oriented architectural principles, allowing Capture to be used as flexibly as possible, with support for open web services. Cinegy are also working closely with AMWA and EBU to make sure that Cinegy Capture is one of the first Cinegy products to adhere to the emerging Framework for Interoperable Media Services [FIMS] standards, designed to make it simpler for broadcasters to deploy and maintain complex systems. Using these principles, coupled with the advances made in modern computing power, this software-based platform can support both pre-existing ingest scenarios as well as offer support for a whole new set of uses, from OEM integration through to OB truck recording.

“What we have designed Cinegy Capture to do does not yet exist in the market” explains Cinegy product manager, Lewis Kirkaldie. “We are folding what our nearest competitors do with two products (ingest and transcode) into just one product plus adding continuous recording modes without frame drops.”

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