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Sony Ships Vegas Pro 10 and Vegas Pro Production Assistant 2 (12/10/2010)

Upgraded Version of Award-Winning NLE Provides Superior 3D Editing; New Version of Vegas Pro Plug-in Dramatically Increases Pipeline Efficiency

Sony Creative Software a leading provider of professional video and audio editing applications, today announced the availability of Vegas Pro 10 and Vegas Pro Production Assistant 2 software. A significant upgrade to the award-winning NLE, Vegas Pro 10 software is available for $$699.95 (MSRP) and now includes native stereoscopic 3D editing tools, improved closed captioning features, and numerous workflow enhancements. Vegas Pro Production Assistant 2 is available for $199.95 (MSRP) and offers extensive batch processing tools and hands-free media card processes along with numerous other critical timesaving features.

New Features in Vegas Pro 10

* Stereoscopic 3D Editing: Vegas Pro 10 facilitates the creation of 3D projects by enabling users to import, adjust, edit, preview and export stereoscopic 3D projects natively without any additional tools or plug-ins.

* Improved Closed Captioning: Improved support for closed captions in Vegas Pro 10 provides broadcasters with captions in the Video Preview window, support for Line 21 closed captions, HD SDI closed caption capture, multiple closed captioning file types and the ability to export captions for Sony DVD Architect(TM), YouTube(TM), RealPlayer®, QuickTime(TM), and Windows Media Player®.

* Workflow Tools and Enhancements: Expanded Multicam functionality, extensive performance optimizations for DSLR video, and track grouping for advanced timeline management.

* Image Stabilization: New stabilization tools greatly reduce jittery or shaky video caused by hand held recording.

* Video Plug-in SDK:Video Effects Plug-in Architecture:Vegas Pro 10 now offers a completely new video effects plug-in architecture based on the Open Effects Association standard - that enables third party plug-in developers to develop advanced video effect plug-ins more easily and rapidly.

* Enhanced Audio Tools: In addition to the Dolby Digital Professional(TM) 5.1 surround sound production capabilities of Vegas Pro, the new version includes audio event FX, input busses, VU meters and track meters.

New Features in Vegas Pro Production Assistant 2

* Hands-Free Media Card Workflow: Using the Hands-Free Media Card Workflow, editors can automate the entire import, edit and render process using custom templates and rely on the software to automate final output delivery.

* Additional Batch Processes:Hundreds of batch processes are now available to streamline editing and delivery in order to more efficiently prepare content for multiple destinations such as social media sites, discs or mobile devices in various aspect ratios and bitrates from a single source.

* Template Creation Assistant: The template creation assistant offers editors more control over creating rich templates by streamlining repetitive tasks.

* Auto-Trim: Automatically trim pre- and post- roll from selected events on the timeline.

* Annotated Slugs: Annotated slugs automatically label each piece of media for easy identification and organization.

* Automated File-Based Catalog Transfers: Automated transfer ensures file-based media moves quickly and seamlessly from memory card to hard drive.

* Lower Third Insertion: Editors can create and manage custom lower thirds, saving time and enabling greater project personalization.

More information on Vegas Pro software and the entire line of Sony Creative Software products can be found at

Price and Availability

Vegas Pro 10 software is now available for purchase at retailers worldwide and online. Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) for Vegas Pro 10 software is U.S. $699.95. Upgrades from previous versions of Vegas Pro are available for U.S.$249.95. Localized French, German, Spanish, and Japanese versions are also now available.

Vegas Pro Production Assistant 2 software is now available for purchase at retailers worldwide and online. Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) for Vegas Pro Production Assistant 2 software is U.S. $199.95. Upgrades from the previous version of Vegas Pro Production Assistant are available for U.S. $79.95.

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