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Avid expands scalability and connectivity of its ISIS 5000 Shared Storage Value (8/12/2010)

Avid today announced the latest version of the Avid ISIS 5000 shared storage solution, which delivers expanded scalability, connectivity and the availability to enable greater production efficiency and capability for a wide range of broadcast, post production, government and education media facilities. Customers can create more content and utilise existing investments through doubled storage capacity, up to 90 client connections, and support for additional third-party Ethernet switches.

What’s New?

ISIS 5000 is an easy-to-use, open, real-time shared storage solution that provides customers with access to high-performance ISIS File System technology. ISIS 5000 is used in more than 750 major media enterprises to store, share and manage large quantities of digital assets on lower cost hardware.

New features in version 3.1 include:

* Increased storage capacity: enables more broadcast, post production, education and government facilities to take advantage of the high-value ISIS 5000 shared storage solution with room to grow by expanding to 128 TB capacity (four ISIS 5000 engines; 96TB usable).
* Support for up to 90 client connections: expands content creation capability by efficiently enabling larger, more complex workflows and access to more media by more contributors. Customers can also lower storage and administrative costs by consolidating local storage islands and serving multiple workgroups with a single ISIS 5000 system.
* Back-up System Director: offers greater media availability and protection with the ability to switch over to an alternate System Director that is housed within each ISIS 5000 engine. If the system metadata-managing System Director in one ISIS 5000 engine fails, the System Director in the second one can take over.
* Cisco and Force 10 switch qualification: allows customers to utilise existing investments and provides IT and network staff with the option to work with familiar Cisco Catalyst 4900M and 4948 Ethernet switches, providing a range of connectivity options. In addition, qualification of 48 port Force10 S60 and S4810 switches further extends the connectivity choices for ISIS 5000.


The latest version of the Avid ISIS 5000 (3.1), will be available on 15 December 2010. All ISIS 5000 configurations support Mac or PC clients and include 90 seat licenses with either one or three years of Avid Priority or Avid Uptime Support

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