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Telecast Fiber Systems and Inertia Unlimited Offer X-Mo/CopperHead 3400 High-Quality Slow Motion Combination (3/1/2011)

Telecast's CopperHead(TM) 3400 and Inertia Unlimited's X-Mo High-Speed Camera Leverage Advantages of Fiber for Unmatched Slo-Mo Playback

Inertia Unlimited's exclusive X-Mo camera and Telecast Fiber Systems' CopperHead(TM) 3400 camera-mounted fiber optic transceiver teamed up to offer unprecedented slow motion capabilities for FOX Sports' coverage of the just-completed World Series of Baseball. The World Series marked the official launch of the X-Mo/CopperHead 3400 combination, which leverages fiber's light weight and high-bandwidth multiplexing capabilities to deliver the highest-quality slow-motion playback to sports viewers.

Based on Vision Research's Phantom series of high- speed cameras, the X-Mo is an HD camera capable of shooting at up to 6,933 frames per second (fps) at 720 resolution, and more than 2,700 fps at 1080 resolution. When the camera is used for slow motion playback, the higher number of frames delivers a greater level of detail and better image quality than traditional slow-motion systems. Since the CopperHead 3400 was developed for use with 3D rigs, the system is able to multiplex both of the X-Mo's outputs -- the standard live broadcast feed and the slow-motion output -- onto a single SMPTE fiber cable.

"There is a great deal of bandwidth involved in sending both live HD and slow-motion feeds back from the camera, which previously required a large number of fiber and copper connections. Now, with the CopperHead 3400, we can transmit all the signals we need with a single box, over a single cable," said Jeff Silverman, owner, Inertia Unlimited. "Not only is the system much easier to set up and take down, but it offers greater reliability because there are fewer connection points. The CopperHead 3400 really is the only solution on the market that can provide this level of connectivity, in such a simple package."

For the World Series games played in San Francisco's AT&T Park, the X-Mo captured live footage for slow motion playback at up to 360 fps from a point of view looking from the outfield directly across to the pitcher's mound and batter box. Although the X-Mo/CopperHead configuration had been tested earlier this year at other Major League Baseball games and the Commonwealth Games in India, the World Series was the solution's official launch to the sports broadcasting community. Inertia Unlimited has already contracted with FOX Sports to use the system for its broadcast of Super Bowl XLV in February 2011.

"Since its introduction at the 2003 World Series, the X-Mo system has re-defined slow-motion playback for HD broadcasting. There is no solution on the market today that comes close to its cutting-edge capabilities for delivering high-quality slo-mo," said Jim Hurwitz, director of product management for Telecast Fiber Systems. "We're pleased that the CopperHead 3400 is playing such an important role as Inertia Unlimited continues to evolve the X-Mo for today's most advanced sports programming." AddThis Social Bookmark Button

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