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Eyeheight Launches complianceSuiteFC Plug-ins for Legalisation and Graphics Compliance (11/2/2011)

At BVE 2011 Eyeheight Limited will formally launch complianceSuiteFC, a set of filter and generator plug-ins compatible with Apple Final Cut Studio and Final Cut Express. complianceSuiteFC enables Final Cut users to generate true file-based work-flows from concept to playout by verifying and conforming footage prior to submission to any file-based quality-assurance system, all from within a familiar Final Cut environment.

According to Eyeheight Sales Director Martin Moore, "The complianceSuiteFC plug-ins are powerful tools to ensure legalisation and graphics compliance across multiple platforms. They are specifically designed to enable post production staff to guarantee that programmes and interstitials are fully compliant with transmission requirements. The interface is comfortable and familiar, while providing extremely precise measurements and controls and, therefore, peace of mind."

Included in the complianceSuiteFC are legalEyesFC, a high precision, fully vectorised floating-point video legaliser plug-in optimised for use with high end video source files. legalEyesFC exploits the floating-point 4rfl and floating-point RGB render formats and supports any combination of file formats and source colour-space available in Final Cut.

legalEyesFC control enables users to choose from extensive built-in presets, or work in custom mode with full access to 15 customisation parameters. Facilities administrators can configure which presets are available, create new presets, and even disable the custom option to ensure that only approved configurations are available.

safeEyesFC is a safe-area generator plug-in that provides an extensive range of broadcast safe-area markers covering all the requirements for SD, HD and 2K including 16:9 and 14:9 requirements in SD. Eyeheight's history of making hardware broadcast safe-area generators ensures that its markers are exactly where the user would expect them to be.

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