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Hitachi unveils K-HD1200 3G HDTV Studio and EFP camera (22/2/2011)

Hitachi Broadcast has unveiled a new high-performance 3G HDTV Studio and EFP camera, the SKHD1200 offers the latest generation native 3 CCD 1080p technology. SK-HD1200 was showcased on Stand No: S2-A21 during CABSAT MENA 2011. The SK-HD1200 is a high-performance portable HDTV Studio and EFP camera, with three 2.3 million pixel 1080p CCDs.

The SK-HD1200 provides outstanding performance delivering sharper and cleaner HD images thanks to its 14-bit A/D converters and Hitachi’s implementation of the latest digital processing technology. Like the other cameras in the SKHD range, the SK-HD1200 has a high sensitivity and a horizontal resolution performance of 1100 TV lines – delivering exceptional picture quality with incredibly low noise and ultra low vertical smear.

Paddy Roache, Director and General Manager of Hitachi Kokusai Europe believes the company’s success is down to providing broadcasters with the equipment they need, utilising the formats and connectivity that they want. He said: “Hitachi has spent the last 100 years innovating and developing technology that delivers a performance that lives up to its promises. The SK-HD1200 is the latest in a family of high definition cameras which are leading the market. It would be crazy for any broadcaster or production company to ignore the arrival of this camera!”

SK-HD cameras are the first truly flexible dock-able HD TV cameras on the market that allow multiple configurations thanks to their fibre optic, digital Triax cable and wireless transmission adapters. The SK-HD range gives you the choice of native 1080i or 720p CCD options as well as the new multi-format 1080p SK-HD1200. They also feature a solid state HDTV recorder option utilising the Panasonic P2 format and a large lens studio adapter. For ease of set up and operation, the SK-HD1200 camera is complemented by a range of accessories including a full studio adapter which enables the use of both hanger-type and bayonet-type lenses without removing the camera from the adapter, an easy to use camera control unit and a digital triax system. Finally a new remote control unit has all the commonly used functions of the camera as well as touch screen panel operation.

The high quality is matched by a market leading low-noise circuit technology providing a signal to noise ratio of up 60dB. Additionally user set-up and scene file information can be stored in a plug in SD card to enable users to keep their adjustment data for when continuity is important – maintaining the characteristics of the production, even after a break in filming.

Designed to provide flexibility and ease of operation for both the operators and broadcasters, the SK-HD1200 is a lightweight and ergonomic camera with a low centre of gravity. The camera has a wide range of features including quick focus, a range of new gamma tables, 12-vector and linear masking, flesh tone masking, automatic electronic shutter and ECC (Electronic Colour Correcting) filter. The SK-HD1200 is the latest in a family of high definition cameras which are leading the market in terms of horizontal resolution, picture quality and ease of use. AddThis Social Bookmark Button

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