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Panasonic Builds Momentum in 3D Broadcast Solutions with Full-HD, Integrated 3D Broadcast Camera, 3D Field Monitor and 3D Multi-Format Switcher (22/2/2011)

The world’s first integrated 3D camcorder announced in 2010 came to BVE 2011 as an established 3D solution for movie makers, whilst a new 3D mixer adds depth to the Panasonic 3D production line-up.

Panasonic AV Systems Europe (AVSE) demonstrated the capabilities of their Full-HD 3D professional broadcast solutions at BVE 2011 from the 15th -17th of February. The fully integrated AG-3DA1 makes 3D image capture fully mobile while the BT-3DL2550 3D field monitor and new AV-HS450 and AG-HMX100 multi-format live 3D switcher completes the scene-to-screen mobile 3D solution.

Historically, 3D rigs were large-scale setups in which two cameras are fitted in parallel, or vertically intersect across a half-mirror requiring separate recorders, this is far from ideal as a mobile 3D capture solution. Enter Panasonic AG-3DA1, a Full-HD 3D camcorder with integrated lenses, camera head, and a dual SD card recorder. Added to this, the stereoscopic adjustment control, lightweight body high system flexibility and the camera is truly ready for 3D film capture, whatever the surroundings.

Right and left Full-HD video streams are recorded as files onto SDHC / SD cards, ensuring higher reliability than on tape, optical disc, HDD or other mechanical-based recording systems. This solid-state, no-moving-parts design will significantly reduce maintenance costs and the 3D camcorder is better able to perform in a range of varying environments. Users will enjoy a fast, highly-productive file-based workflow with instant access to recorded content, easy plug-ins for both Mac and PC-based platforms and a long recording capacity.

The AVSE 25.5-inch 3D LCD production monitor with full 1920 x 1200 resolution - BT-3DL2550 – provides mobile, polarised 3D monitoring. The BT-3DL2550 provides 3D display with true-to-life colour in a durable, production-tough LCD panel package. From capture using the AG-3DA1, or 3D rig, this monitor allows 3D content viewing in real time for uncompromised mobile capture.

The AV-HS450 multi-format live switcher enables live 3D production1 of up to nine 3D inputs simultaneously with use of dual monitor set-up. The standard configuration of this all-encompassing, compact, expandable HD/SD video switcher includes: 16 HD/SD-SDI inputs, four HD/SD-SDI outputs, two DVI outputs, dual 3D DVE functions, one 3D stream keyer with luminance or chroma key functionality, two 2D downstream keyers, 2D dual channel PinP, and four independent Aux busses.

BVE will also showcase the Panasonic TH-103VX200 103” 3D professional plasma display, completing the end-to-end 3D solution. The Full HD, active shutter 3D plasma display panel, with frame sequential technology, is the front end interface of Panasonic’s end-to-end 3D solution. With 3rd party produced U-touch, touch-screen overlay displaying Sky interactive 3D content, the TH-103VX200 is versatile for a range of professional applications.

The Panasonic AG-3DA1 is now available to order and started being shipped from October 2010. AddThis Social Bookmark Button

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