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n-Track Software releases n-Track Studio for the iPhone, iPad and iPod (22/3/2011)

The first DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) software available for Windows, Mac & iOS platforms

n-Track Software announces today the immediate availability on the App Store of the iOS version of the n-Track audio multitrack recording software. The mobile app allows to quickly record multitrack songs ideas and then to import the songs on your computer for more detailed editing and mixing.

Using a standard set of headphones musicians can record new tracks while hearing existing tracks on the headphones. The maximum number of supported tracks depends on the device, but even the older iPhone 3G supports at least 4 tracks. The iPad and the iPhone 4 support 10 or more tracks.

The app lets you overdub, edit and then export recordings in mixed down wave or even in multitrack (.sng) format. You can then load the exported wave tracks with any audio software or load multitrack projects with the PC (Windows & Mac) version of n-Track.

The app also features an EQ, Spectrum Analyzer and Tuner window: apply EQ by visually dragging EQ bands. The spectrum displays the detailed frequency content of live or recorded audio.

Compatible with the iPhone (3, 3GS and 4), iPad and iPod Touch, the application is available for $3.99 from the iTunes App Store.  AddThis Social Bookmark Button

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